Teaching Methods

Great Schools Have Great Teachers

Great schools have great teachers.  Half of our teachers are from Canada and the United States, the other half is from Mexico.  All of them are accredited teachers with a passion for teaching and a love for students.  They also have a special commitment to transmit values inside and outside the classroom.

Educational Approach

At BridgeWay our certified teachers use tools and methods broadly supported by educational research to motivate and advance your child. As opposed to conventional methods where the teacher dispenses a prescribed bank of knowledge through methods such as note copying, lectures, worksheets, and rote memorization; BridgeWay uses a constructivist approach where students construct knowledge from activities designed by the teacher to engage students in thinking, creating, questioning, processing, and wondering.

Students build up knowledge through discovery in real life situations and find motivation by actively participating and thinking about the learning process. Not only do students achieve well with this kind of instruction, but they also enjoying learning.


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