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New Admissions grade 4, 5 and 6

BridgeWay students reflect our tri-cultural vision.  We are a community of Mexicans, Canadians and Americans.  No matter your country of origin, you are welcome at BridgeWay!  We invite you to be in touch to get to know us better, and to connect personally.  You can also download admission-related documents below.


Inscription Process

Application for Admissions Form
Medical Information Form

Information for Application

  • Copy of Identity Card and/or Passport for student and both parents
  • 2 Copies of Birth certificate
  • 2 recent photographs, approximately 45 X 35 mm or less ("tamaño infantil")
  • 2 copies of Immunization Records
  • Doctor’s certificate authorizing participation in PE classes
  • Last grade Report Card from previous school (if coming from another country, it must be legalized by the issuing country)
  • Application for Admissions Form, completed and signed with photo.
  • Medical Information Form, completed and signed with photo.
  • School Agreement Form, completed and signed