About Us


BridgeWay is an international school that offers students from different nationalities the best choice in a values-based bilingual education.

At BridgeWay, your children will find a family environment, a bilingüe experience, and a high-quality education.  We seek to be at the cutting edge of educational programs, always striving to be innovative.  Our Canadian, American and Mexican teachers bring with them impressive resumes from their countries of origin.

BridgeWay longs to bridge the gap through holistic education to bring together: language, culture and teaching.  And we work hard to lead our students along a disciplined way to explore and discover knowledge, truth and character. 


BridgeWay loves and equips students by providing a values-based bilingual education taught primarily by Canadian and American teachers in preparation for Mexican, Canadian and American universities.


BridgeWay exists to transform Mexico City and beyond through educating the next generation.

BridgeWay was birthed out of the efforts and sacrifice of Mexicans, Canadians and Americans who participated through the following organizations:

Worldwide organization with a presence in more than 40 countries, dedicated to transformational education.

Worldwide organization based in the United States with partners in over 40 countries dedicated to changing lives and transforming communities.

Worldwide organization founded in 1887 and based in Canada, part of an international movement of more than 6 million people.

A great choice for your family!

Our Distinctives

  • Values-based bilingual education
  • Native-speaking english teachers
  • Canadian & American preparation
  • International expertise
  • Technology emphasis



Seek truth through a love of learning and earnest academic study.


Care deeply for each person and cultivate a generous acceptance of all people.


Journey together with families to the benefit of the world around us.


Live with honesty and be the same person in public and in private.


Develop minds open to the imagination, to innovation and to originality.


Make your family part of the BridgeWay family